Narrative Therapy

Narrative therapy is a therapy style that explores every individuals’ unique stories, values, and meaning-making. In narrative therapy, there is an emphasis on the impact of the stories we hear and tell about ourselves. Every unique interaction, experience and event creates a unique experience that shapes our story. Narrative therapy is founded on three essential components: Non-blaming, respect and the understanding that you are the expert of your story. Your therapist will help you explore your separate storylines while inviting you to explore their meaning and impact on your life.

Another essential element of Narrative therapy is the use of language. Narrative therapy implements externalizing language, which means avoiding totalizing language which pathologizes individuals. It is easier to work on ourselves when our problems remain a problem in our life rather than becoming our identity.  


Narrative therapy focuses on these stories, particularly the dominant stories that are problematic and prevent us from living our desired life. Your therapist will seek to explore these stories with you while seeking information that will help you challenge these problematic stories or situations. In exploring these alternative storylines, we can create room for healthy changes, thoughts, behaviours and self-identity.

Narrative therapy can be practiced with children, adolescents, adults and couples.