Marie Pierre Castonguay, B.S.W., 

Hello, my name is Marie Pierre, and I am a practicum student currently completing my Master's in Social Work from King's University College. The foundation of my practice is always centered around building a strong therapeutic alliance with clients, and I strive to provide a space free from judgement where individuals can feel safe and supported as we navigate challenging circumstances. I am committed to helping individuals connect with their values and ignite their curiosity to achieve their goals. I am eager to work collaboratively with each individual to embrace vulnerabilities, foster strengths and increase resilience.


I am passionate about human relationships and wellness at all levels, including body, mind and soul. My counselling approach is always from a strengths-based lens, incorporating a narrative and mindfulness perspectives where appropriate. I aim to tailor therapy to each individual's needs and experiences, as every person is unique. My other areas of practice include cognitive behavioural and dialectical behavioural therapy for those seeking a practical approach to therapy. I also have experience working with youth within a school counselling setting, families, and caregivers of individuals living with dementia and terminal illnesses.

I offer support through video or telephone counselling on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I would be honoured to be part of your journey of self-discovery towards becoming your most resilient self.


Email: mariepierrecounselling@gmail.com for a free consultation.